Looking for Sustainable Travel? Find Out Why Renting Is Better Than Owning

Electric cars are the answer to many environmental problems, such as pollution and the greenhouse effect. Consider an electric rental luxury car to negate the negative impact on the environment.

More and more people today prefer renting cars than buying them. Buying and owning a car means a person must bear the additional costs that accompany the car, such as insurance, maintenance, and upkeep. Owning a car today is not as feasible as it used to be a decade ago. Additionally, opting to rent a car means you can choose a luxury car rental.

Say goodbye to the same old mundane hatchbacks and sedans. Rent a luxury car to celebrate the next big occasion in your family. Whether it is a wedding day, an anniversary, a festive celebration or a graduation day, a luxury car is the perfect way to celebrate. Treat yourself and your loved ones to the most comfortable ride of your lives by renting a luxury car.

While luxury cars look grand on the road, did you know that renting a car is more eco-friendly than owning a car? Rented luxury cars are the answer to all your environmentally conscious needs. Here is why renting a car is more sustainable than owning one.

Fuel Efficiency

Brand-new car models are much pricier than older or second-hand models. Customers may hesitate to buy brand new cars for this reason. However, you can rent a brand-new car instead. Most rental companies include only new models in their fleet, or cars that are a few years old.

Newer cars have less of a negative impact on the environment in both the short- and long-term. Rented luxury cars, therefore, are designed in a way to reduce emissions and remain fuel-efficient.

Up to Date Regulations

A recent research study found that a majority of old vehicles were never subjected to smog and pollution restrictions because it didn’t seem necessary at the time. However, global warming and climate change are imminent threats today, and it is more important than ever to ensure our vehicles reduce their emissions.

New vehicles, on the other hand, are thoroughly inspected to ensure they don’t release unnecessary emissions and gases. Rent a luxury car the next time you’re going on a road trip to make a positive impact on the environment.

Less Vehicles

Many individuals are now moving towards carpooling and travelling by public transport to reduce their carbon footprints. A luxury car hire implies that there will be fewer cars on the road and for a shorter period. Over time, the need for rented luxury cars will overtake the need for luxury cars to purchase.

The fewer cars to the manufacturer, the lesser the emissions created by factories. It is an eco-friendly path to take. Doing so will result in humans decreasing their contribution to climate change and global warming.

Plethora of Options

Many car rental companies now offer eco-friendly electric cars that you can rent. Firstly, electric cars are hard to procure and purchase, and are more prominent in the rental market. Secondly, they offer a driving experience that cannot be matched by any other vehicle. Finally, the benefits of driving a rental electric car are unparalleled.

Common respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis and asthma, are caused by harmful fumes that are usually emitted by vehicles. Electric cars are better for human health as they do not release toxic emissions. The cars are greener, cleaner, and better suited for our planet. With zero emissions, the car does not contribute to the greenhouse effect.

No Noise Pollution

Many people do not take noise pollution seriously. Noise pollution, contrary to popular belief, is often the cause of respiratory problems, headaches, and high blood pressure. Electric cars are not nearly as loud as their gas counterparts.

Furthermore, electric cars offer a seamless driving experience as no noise enters the cabin. The car you will drive will no longer be a nuisance to other human beings. Since the car makes zero noise, always blink your lights to warn others of your movement.

Less Fuel Consumption

In addition to the cars being fuel-efficient, you can also save money since the cars don’t require a fuel source. For a point of reference, a UK resident spends approximately £30 a week on diesel or petrol. When you drive an electric car, this cost is negated, and you can save up to £1500 a year.

A rented electric car can be charged via a three-pin socket installed in your home or office. It is only a matter of time before gas stations become obsolete. The future is electric.

Extended Lifespan

On average, an electric car has a longer lifespan than a gas car. Electric cars operate on lithium-ion batteries which typically last up to 10 years. The batteries can be fixed or repaired as and when required. Once the batteries are replaced, the car would drive as though it were brand-new.

Encouraged by the Government

When it comes to choosing a rental luxury car, the UK government itself endorses renting and buying electric cars. The UK government offers various grants to individuals who purchase electric cars. A person who owns an electric car clearly cares about the environment, so the UK government wants to encourage this attitude.

If you own an electric car, you are eligible for £350 that can be used towards installing a charging port in your home.

Companies are Adapting

Rental companies are now adapting to customers’ needs and providing more eco-friendly options. Sustainable transport that is both cost- and energy-efficient is the need of the hour. The global car rental market is expected to hit an all-time high of nearly £116M by next year!

Now, more than ever is the time to give back to the environment and make conscious decisions that will impact our future. Switch to renting an electric car on your next road or business trip and contribute towards doing something positive for the planet.

Your family and loved ones will also appreciate you for doing your part in saving the environment. Once you’ve experienced the thrill of driving an electric car, consider purchasing one and bringing an end to fuel cars. Make a difference today.

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