Read Our Guide to Discover the Huge Benefits of Driving A SUV

Today, SUVs are more than just vehicles; they are engineering marvels. Check out all the benefits that you can you can get from when you opt for SUV hire.

Sport Utility Vehicles, better known by the acronym SUV have begun to rule the roads in recent times. No matter where you are right now and what the road conditions, you are sure to spot at least a few SUVs.

The reason for their increasing number on the roads is simple- they are a class of cars that cater to every taste. Right from businessmen &corporate leaders to the younger generation, everyone loves to drive an SUV. The one deterrent for the car can be its high price, but even this is no longer a hurdle.
With increasing demand of this car type, car rental companies are increasingly adding these car types to their fleet. SUV car hire is particularly popular. So, you can now drive an SUV at the most pocket-friendly prices whenever you want it. You can also go for different models each time and skip the hassle of worrying about maintenance.

The SUV Edge

Are you ready to sit behind the wheels and get the feel of an SUV already? Hold on! Add to the excitement by knowing about all the features that make them such WOW-worthy cars. Also, knowing in advance about the features of a vehicle can reassure you about its safety. It also brings forth many latest features of the car which you may be unaware of.
So without much ado, here are some tried and tested features that you can enjoy with any standard SUV:

The Sturdiest Vehicle on the Road

The biggest incentives that the SUVs offer are, of course, the sturdy frames of the car. When you drive the standard vehicles or even the sedans, they do have broad platforms or chassis. In contrast to this, the SUVs are usually modelled on the truck chassis.
This is because SUVs have the ability to haul or even pull trailers behind them. Furthermore, the engines of SUVs also tend to be much more powerful than ordinary vehicles. No wonder, if it’s the rough roads ahead of you, SUVs are the ideal partner.

Advanced Safety Features

When you are driving a car, its safety features are among the first priorities. The makers of the SUV understood that. This is well reflected in the advanced safety features that the vehicles offer. Their sturdier frame and larger size are in itself great protection for both the drivers and their passengers.
Before rolling out new models of cars, they are also subjected to several rounds of crash and safety tests too.

Carry Your World

Are you heading out on a camping trip? Or do you want to buy some furniture to renovate your apartment? Do not worry. SUVs offer you enough space to carry your entire world with you. In fact, the cargo space is entirely adjustable as per your needs. You can modify the seats to fit in more luggage than usual.

You may even have seen pictures online that are breaking the internet of adventurers camping on the cargo space of their SUV. Opt for SUV car hire and click your gram-worthy pictures too!

Comfort for All

For most standard cars, passengers sitting on the rear often that enjoy long rides. While those seated on the front may have a comfortable ride, the ones in the rear have to cramp into a tiny space. However, SUVs offer supreme comfort to all. The ample cabin space means wherever you sit in the vehicle, and there is spacious legroom for all.
There is also enough headroom in the vehicle, reducing the chances of bumps on rough roads. One of our favourite choices is BMW car hire that offers a great way to travel around.

Higher Ground Clearance

When you drive through rough terrains, it becomes difficult to avoid all the bumps and potholes. Even well-experienced drivers find it difficult to manoeuvre their vehicle without falling into a few of the bumps.

The smooth suspension of the vehicles, along with the higher ground clearance, makes the rides much smoother with SUV. Even if you do hit those bumps, you and your vehicle are less likely to feel any stress.

An All-Weather Champion

Has it snowed hard in the area, or are heavy drops of rain hitting against your window? With ordinary vehicles, stepping out in rough weather is a big ‘NO.’ Your car may come to an abrupt halt, or it may end up outperforming itself. However, when you opt for an SUV from luxury car hire, you are set for all kinds of weather.

With four wheels and advanced safety features, you can put the weather conditions behind you whenever you set out.

Higher Fuel Efficiency

With most of the heavy vehicles that have the size and power comparable to SUV, the fuel consumption is very high. That is why most people do not like to opt for vehicles such as larger MPVS and minibuses, even though they may have all the required features.

But when you opt for SUV from luxury car hire, you do not need to keep pulling up at the pumps. Most of the top SUVs have dependable mileage. Though the amount may not be comparable to the standard vehicles, most drivers do not mind chalking out a little extra for performance.

SUVs Look Sexy

Given the similarity of the features, many may ask why not go for a minibus in place of an SUV? But now imagine rolling into a party with a minibus or taking your beloved out in it. It does not look appealing right? Now imagine the same scene in an SUV. When you opt for SUV car hire, you do not just get a vehicle loaded with features. It looks super sexy too.

In fact, with the latest SUVs from luxury car hire Barcelona, you get sunroofs, vibrant colours, and unlimited other choices in terms of the features. Are you heading out in your SUV? Be prepared for all the envious looks on the road.

Opt for an SUV Today

While SUVs may be great in all aspects, they come with a large price tag if you’re buying outright. The maintenance cost of these vehicles is very high vs ordinary cars given their costly replacements. With the latest SUVs now available for hire, you can have these vehicles for all occasions without shelling out large sums of money. Drive an SUV today and fall in love with the roads.

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