A Quick Guide to Hire Sports Car in Nice

If you're travelling just to get a few famous sights off the bucket list, taking the family or loved ones on a road trip in a sports car hire Nice through the French countryside will be the best decision of your life.

France ranks in the top contenders whenever it comes to famed European holiday destinations. An atmosphere of romantic splendour adorns this civilised country, offering travellers everything from the best of fashion history to world-famous culinary traditions, beautiful natural landscapes, incredible historical monuments, and everything else in between. If you’re travelling just to get a few famous sights off the bucket list, taking the family or loved ones on a road trip in a sports car hire Nice through the French countryside will be the best decision of your life. You and your fellow travellers won’t be disappointed by the magnificent discoveries you’re going to make around every corner of this magnificent nation.

But if you would like to reap the benefits of all that Nice has to offer, you’re going to need reliable and accessible modes of transport. Relaxed and private car rentals do not hurt, either. Luckily, car rentals like sports car hire Nice are accessible for pick-up and drop-off all over, offering a secure and convenient way to get about.

Before You Book

Before searching and acquiring the lowest rental rate for your vehicle, it’s vital to recognise what you’re aiming for. Remember your travel schedules, travelling habits, and fellow travellers while choosing the car and choices that are right for you.

The very first thing you want to address is the size and model of the car you want to hire. Know about how you’re going to spend your time in Nice, France and remember to consider the following:

1.How many people will you be taking on the trip?

Are you travelling alone, or are you going to bring the whole family along? So the more travellers you have, the better, the larger class of cars will be. And also, don’t overlook that more passengers even mean more baggage.

Sport car rental nice

2.How much luggage will you carry for most of the trip?

Are you just carrying your baggage from the airport to the hotel, then going around for a day trip from the very same location, or are you planning to travel between several places with your baggage in your car? Remember that only full-size and larger cars have a dedicated closed door, whereas most mid-size and smaller vehicles are hatchbacks.

3.How long will you drive?

Are you only going to use your car for shorter trips to destinations within the same area, or are you going to spend longer travel periods? It might make sense to cram into the shortest car possible for the sake of convenience on shorter journeys, but you’ll enjoy the added luxury of a larger vehicle on a road trip.

Equipment and Extras

After finding out what kind of vehicle you’re going to require, explore any extra accessories, you may like to suit your particular requirements and desires. The most widely available products sold at car rental outlets in France include GPS systems, infant seats, snow chains, ski racks, and wireless Wi-Fi gadgets. Additional devices get typically priced every month, and rates will vary depending on the retailer from which you are renting; add-ons will often get charged separately, paying at the counter and applicable to VAT (value-added tax) unless they get specified explicitly as available. Be careful and aware of the accessories that you apply to, too, because you will have to pay a repair charge for any harm, failure, or stealing of the pieces.

Sport car hire nice

It is vital to know that while additional support is optional and you usually decide whether or not to include it, there are regulations in France, forcing children under ten years of age to use car seats. Also, it is unlawful for children under the age of 10 to ride in the front passenger seat unless there are no back seats in the vehicle. Be sure to book a child’s seat if you’re flying with children under the age of 10, so you won’t be charged and, most notably, keep your children protected when travelling overseas!

You’re almost certainly going to have to spend more for new supplies, so keep a close eye out for exclusive discounts and travel packages that will help cut down on accessories. Check to sign up for an international data plan so that you can view maps and services on your smartphone or tablet; consider taking your GPS device from home. You may still bring your infant seats home with you, but the expense of bringing this large object in your luggage generally outweighs the local rental costs.

Booking Your Rental Car

Now that you are sure that you know what you want in your vehicle booking, you should start looking for a reasonable rate to book. The first move in using an online search form would be to include the appropriate pick-up and drop-off places.

Choosing Locations and Times

You have your travel schedule planned out, and you understand precisely what type of vehicle you’re searching for, so it’s now good to decide where and when you want to pick up your car.

Where Exactly Do You Want to Pick Up and Drop Off the Car?

Airports are by far the most popular places to pick up a rental vehicle, and every main airport in France operates car rental offices, but downtown, train, and cruise port sites are also available as well.

Think of what you’re going to do soon when you reach your destination and whether you need a rental car right now. If you intend to visit the big city for a few days after your arrival, you don’t need your car right away. Public transport makes it easier to travel to the city centre sights, and parking in main centres can be costly in Nice, France. Try driving up from downtown later on your journey if you don’t need a car straight away.

When Do You Need the Rental Car?

If you need to pick up early, late-night, or on holiday, you might have to pick up the car at the airport or train station where the car rental service hours will be longer.

Many large airport and train station offices will indeed be open 24/7; however, smaller city offices may have more restricted hours. If you certainly need to pick up from an area at a time that is closed, car rental providers can assist you in coordinating out-of-hour pick-ups at an added charge, but you can save cash by picking up at your chosen location during normal working hours.

If You Need an Out-Of-Hours Pickup or Drop-Off?

If you need the vehicle or want to drop it off when the rental office is closed, and alternative arrangements cannot get planned to handle open office hours, an out-of-hour pick-up can sometimes get set up for pick-up, or you could just use a drop-off box. Out-of-hour pick-ups will incur extra fees and, therefore, must be asked on an individual level, while drop-off boxes are free to use and popular in most car rental places.

If Your Drop-Off Time Was Later Than Your Pick-Up Time?

Car rental prices run on a 24-hour cycle, which ensures that you will be paying a daily rate starting from the moment you pick up your car. E.g., if you pick up your vehicle at noon and deliver it at 1 p.m. three days later, you will be billed with a four-day rental, even if your drop-off is just 1 hour longer than a pick-up. Prepare ahead so that you can dump your sports car hire Nice at the same time, or early in the day you picked it up, and you can spare yourself the expense of an entire day.

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