Road Trip Ideas For The French Riviera

Are you planning to explore the French Riviera? Then the only option you need to consider is renting a luxury car hire French Riviera to fully appreciate the beauty of this stunning destination.

People who love to travel shouldn’t miss exploring the French Riviera. Your trip to the French Riviera will give you the opportunity of experiencing everything from a sunny promenade, dazzling villas, and yachts to native art a& culture, and the magnificence of nature.

However, to witness all those offerings closely, you must explore the French Riviera by road. You can make your journey comfortable and exciting by renting a car from a trusted company offering a luxury car hire French Riviera. The section below presents some ideas that will make your trip thrilling and memorable.

Start Your Journey from Nice

This cosmopolitan town is known for its terracotta sun and warm weather. Spend at least a day in this city where you can spend hours meandering across the city’s alleyways.
Nice is often referred to as South France’s culinary capital. So, if you are a foodie, don’t miss having the native Nicoise platters. You will be spoilt for options when it comes to eateries serving tasty, high-quality food.

Spend the early hours following the sunset walking through the Promenade De Anglais, which is a walkway surrounding the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. Some of the most treasured tourist destinations in Nice are Opera De Nice, Castle Hill, Notre Dame cathedral, and Place Rossetti.

Visit the Medieval Town of Grasse

The next stop on your trip with a rental car for French Riviera should be the medieval town of Grasse. Since the release of the psychological thriller Perfume in 2006, most tourists make sure that this town features in their road trip along the French Riviera. However, for avid travellers, the place has always been one of the most sought-after destinations.

Spend your second day of the trip at Grasse. Make sure you visit at least one perfumery to get acquainted with the process of perfume production. Most perfumeries in the city allow free tours. The other major highlight of the city is flow farming.

To complement your decision of renting a high-end car from a luxury car hire French Riviera, you can stay at Antibes, an enchanting resort town by the sea, after exploring the city of Grasse. The place is synonymous with extravagance. There are restaurants, bars, cafes, walkways, and some magical natural treasure. Before leaving Antibes the next morning, don’t forget to pay a visit to the legendary Picasso Museum.

Spend the Third Day at the Mercantour National Park

As you’ll move to the north, make sure you stop at the Mercantour National Park and spend a night there. The national park has a common border with neighbouring Italy.

When driving to the Mercantour National Park, you can stop your luxury rental car for French Riviera at Vence to have a quick breakfast. Vence is also home to intricately designed buildings and breathtakingly beautiful fountains.

As you’ll leave Vence and begin your journey to the Mercantour National Park, you’ll witness some gorgeous valleys, home-run eateries, tiny but beautiful French towns, and more.

You’ll also enjoy your time at the national park. The flora and fauna of the park will leave you deeply enthralled.

Some of the plant species you’ll see there include firs, larches, Swiss pines, Mediterranean olive trees, holm oak, spruces, and more. The Mercantour is also home to around 2,000 flowering plant species. Out of them, 200 are extremely rare; examples include martagon lily, edelweiss, houseleek, saxifrage, etc.

As you walk through the park, you may get glimpses of animals like marmots, chamois, ermine, ibex, hares, wild boars, golden eagles, etc. However, the Mercantour National Park is known particularly for its Italian wolves. Currently, there are around 50 of those canines at the park.

Visit the Charming City of Villefranche-Sur-Mer

Villefranche-Sur-Mer is situated on the eastern border of the city of Nice. If you love beaches, this is one city you shouldn’t miss visiting during your trip to the French Riviera. The biggest difference between the beach at Nice and the beach at Villefranche-Sur-Mer is that the latter doesn’t have big stones. So, you’ll get enough opportunity to explore the sea waters. You can also visit just for a walk to soak up the pristine atmosphere.

Drive to the Bustling City of Cannes

If you watch films and also read about them, then the city of Cannes must be familiar to you. Today, the city might be known for hosting the most popular film festival in the world but prior to this, it used to be just a fishing village. Cannes is currently an opulent city and home to a series of fancy boutiques and fashion studios.
Here, it must be noted that Cannes offers a different experience than the other places mentioned here. Cannes gives you extravagance and a chance to witness the usual venues of the film festival. However, as it can get very busy so if you are not fond of overcrowded places, Cannes might not be as much fun as you had hoped.
Still, it would not be a good idea to avoid visiting Cannes. Your trip to the French Riviera will remain incomplete if your itinerary doesn’t include spending a day or two in Cannes and find out why it is still a compelling city.

Spend the Final Day of the Trip Relaxing

Travel to the islands near the city of Cannes. Leave the car you got from the luxury car hire French Riviera in the parking spots near the seashore and board a ferry to reach the islands. The two of the most famous islands in this part of the French Riviera are St. Honorat (big in size and located far away from the shore) and St. Margaruite (the closest one from the shore and also the smallest among all islands in this area).

If you have enough time, visit both and spend at least an hour in each. If you are in a hurry, visit St. Honorat. The island houses a beautiful castle and a monastery. The island has a serene environment, which makes it a perfect place to relax.

Final Words

If you want to have the best possible experience while exploring the French Riviera, make sure you have your itinerary ready before you leave home. You can always consult travel experts too in order to gather the best information about the must-visit places of the region.

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