Take the Alternative Approach and Explore Paris Off the Beaten Path

Indulge in the enchanting panorama of Paris in a unique way! Rent luxury car in Paris and explore the finest off-the-beaten path attractions for a memorable experience.

Paris – the magnificent La Ville Lumière – is a blissful concoction of picturesque neighbourhoods, iconic architecture, fascinating art collections, rich history and welcoming bistros. But that is all clichéd! If you have a poetic heart or a love for the unusual runs through your blood, then book a luxury car rental in Paris and discover the off-beaten paths of this astoundingly beautiful city.

Ask jaded romantics and nomads like us and you’d find that the city is much more than its colossal Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum or the Palace of Versailles. As a tourist, if you follow the guidebook blindly, then you could be disappointed – because you will miss that authentic Parisian vibe that is the ultimate magnet for travelers from around the world.

So, if you dare to experience the unconventional, get started with luxury car hire in Paris and set off on a journey you will cherish forever. Check out the top 5 ideas to take the alternative approach and experience Paris like never before.

Indulge into the Extravagance of a Luxury Car in Paris

Imagine traversing the roads of Paris in a luxurious car that makes heads turn in awe! Besides its breath-taking cityscape and cultural heritage, the City of Lights is stunning and seductive – and most importantly, timeless. It oozes luxury and grandeur amid haute-couture labels and trendy boutiques, world-class hotels and restaurants and shopping extravagance.

Luxury car rental in Paris provides you with the splendid opportunity to hit the roads in sheer style and comfort, soaking up the enviable Parisian indulgence. Beat the crowd and treat yourself with a splendid car, ranging from top-notch brands like Aston Martin, Chrysler, Bentley, Jaguar, BMW, Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, and much more.

When it comes to planning a great trip to explore the unexplored, you simply cannot miss the allure of driving an amazing car in the busy streets of Paris. Unlike conventional car rental options or public transportation, there is a different charm exploring the beautiful city driving a luxurious car. So, rent luxury car in Paris and get started enjoying your dream vacation.

Take a Ride Down the La Butte-aux-Cailles

Tucked in the south-eastern 13th arrondissement, La Butte-aux-Cailles is an amazing hidden art street that will travel you to a different world altogether. A city inside the city, the walls here have witnessed the enchanting art of numerous international and French artists. The street art district exudes the warmth of Parisian culture and mouth-watering food. Do not miss relishing upon the famous “Salade 5 diamantes” with chicken live, French goat cheese, bacon, eggs and gizzards.

You can book luxury car hire in Paris and drive down the mesmerising art street in a premium car that gives you the true feel of this pulsating city.

Get a Magnificent Panoramic View of Paris from the Montparnasse Tower

A mind-blowing view of the city of Paris atop the Eiffel Tower – the experience is memorable. But how about having a panoramic view of Paris with the splendid Eiffel Tower itself in it? Ditch the traditional touristy ritual of going to the top of the Eiffel Tower and take the alternative approach to the Montparnasse Tower.

Drive to one of Europe’s tallest building in a prestigious sedan, a sports car or a lavish limousine and have an awe-inspiring view of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower. That is a real stunner! Most importantly, there is rarely any queue to get to the top and the tickets cost almost half than that at the Eiffel Tower. We recommend having sight of the Paris skyline by the night from the Montparnasse Tower for an unforgettable experience.

A Picnic in Paris

Eating out in Paris is an experience you can never miss. But if you are not a first-time visitor, you would know the long queues to dine in an haute cuisine restaurant or the judgemental looks from the manager when you order a French dish wrong. Step aside and go for a picnic in Paris. It is one of the finest ways to know the city, have a pleasant time with your loved ones and also save money!

There are several nice picnic spots in Paris but Seine and Parc des Buttes-Chaumont are worth mentioning here. Unwind and bask in the sun, devouring a delicious Choquette or the authentic Pommes Frites.

Take a Paris Airship Tour

If you truly wish to experience the off-beaten path, then set off on an airship tour in Paris. Not everyone knows about this and therefore, you can be assured of enjoying the excitement in solace. The tour lets you have incredible sights of Paris and its countryside from a substantial height, making adrenalin rush as you fly above the beautiful city. There are different types of packages that you can book for the tour.

The location from where you can avail of the service is truly uncharted. Therefore, it is advisable to know about the area well before you travel. Alternatively, you can also rent a luxury car in Paris and get expert guidance on how to visit the location. Mostly, they offer GPS navigation to ensure you a hassle-free journey.

Eat at a Parisian’s Home

If you have a family member or friend living in Paris, then lucky you!. And even if you don’t, there are plenty of Parisians who you will invite you for a sumptuous French dinner at their home. They will give you the most authentic experience of world-famous French cuisine, while you can indulge in their warmth and friendliness. The Underground Dinner Club is one of the best options where experienced chefs transform their homes into exotic dining clubs, with guests from different backgrounds and ethnicity.

So, it is a great conglomerate of culture over lip-smacking food.


Paris is a perfect blend of the clichéd and the off-beaten, offering a travelling experience like never before. To walk the untrodden, to explore the unexplored, visit this stunning city and create memories forever. And to make your experience even more enjoyable and stress-free, consider luxury car hire in Paris to traverse the paths in style and sophistication.

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