Travel Idea: Road Trip From The UK To France

Road trips have become the next big thing in the tourism world. With luxury car hire France, you can travel the roads in supreme style and comfort. Find more tips and ideas for your road trip.

With the on-going Coronavirus pandemic, people have been forced to shut themselves within the four walls for a long time now. Indeed, the prolonged period of staying within doors has whetted the appetite for a fun and enjoyable holiday. But are the situations really favorable for a holiday right now?

Incessant formalities, strict disinfection policies along with government restrictions do make the travel scene rather intimidating. Added to that, the fear of contracting the virus is still not wholly over yet. But does that mean you will have to shelve your summer holiday plans this year again? Not just yet!

Given the “new normal” of the present times, travel enthusiasts are now looking for novel and interesting ways to explore the world. One idea that is definitely going to catch your fancy is that of road trips.

Enjoy Traveling In Luxury

You may wonder that road trips have been here all along, so what could possibly be new about it. Well, have you imagined going through the prettiest French towns and sceneries in luxury car hire France? In all probability, you have not.
But think about it, while you have the best scenic beauty surrounding you, you have an enviable vehicle that offers you all imaginable comfort and luxury. Indeed, the thought itself can be quite hard to resist. The latest travel trends show that this is just what is in vogue right now, and there are several reasons why it is so. Take at some of the top reasons before checking out the list of awe-inspiring road trip ideas.

Assured Safety

One of the top concerns associated with traveling these days is with regard to safety. Since the coronavirus pandemic is not over yet, not the whole population vaccinated, taking public transport is still a risky gamble. In fact, if you go through the advice given by experts, you will learn that road trips are being considered the safest option still.

When you are traveling in a hired luxury vehicle, you are going to be accompanied by your friends and family only. Since you know about their health status already, they do not pose any kind of hidden risks.

Lesser Hassle

Travel via air or rail comes with a number of inconveniences such as following quarantine rules, acquiring permits, and the like. But when you are traveling in a car, you do not have to face such problems. Since travel via road is considered safer, travelers are not subject to too many rules and regulations and can remain in their ‘bubble’.

More Flexible

Irrespective of the situation, another advantage that luxury car hire France offers is flexibility. When you are traveling in a self-driven vehicle, you can not only choose the destination but also the stops and the routes. Depending on your discretion, you can travel for hours at one go. Or you can make stops at every bend of the road to prolong your experience. However, that’s not where the flexibility ends. Who accompanies you in your travel is wholly your choice. Put behind the experience of sitting between dozens of strangers with a road trip in a luxury car.

Best Views

It needs no saying that with the crowd filtered out of your travel, you automatically get to enjoy the best views out there. You no longer need to beg, borrow or pay extra to get your window seat. You already have it reserved for you all through the road.

No wonder road trips are being considered with a renewed interest in the present times.

Check Out the Coolest Ideas

Now that you have all the reasons laid out for a road trip, the next thing that you are likely looking for is the destination. For those in the UK, France has always been the “oh so near but so wow” destination. Wondering which way to steer your wheels? Here are a few places that you must visit on your road trip to France:


If you are a history buff, you may have often wanted to travel back in time. Till time travel becomes possible, maybe this 17th-century French city can satiate your desires. Just a short drive away from London, Lille is known for its eye-catching architecture, amazing squares, and romantic little churches.

With plenty of stay options, you can check into any of the hotels or bed and breakfast for a proper exploration of the town.

Mont St Michel

Set up on steep rocky grounds, it suffices to say that Mont St Michel has even been declared a UNESCO heritage site. To the onlooker, this village looks like it literally rises out of the sea. The contrast of its sandy walls with the vast sheet of blue is a sight that you cannot forget in a lifetime.

Do not miss the surreal dusk here when the entire sea is basked in the hues of orange.


Is the French alps what you have in your mind. Then take your luxury car hire France to Montgenerve for the best mountain experience. With snow-capped mountains stretching on both sides and avenues for adventure sport such as ski, Montgenerve is a place you just can’t afford to miss


You may have heard of the famous bridge of Avignon in the popular song? But this pretty French town has much more to offer than just that. Walkthrough ancient streets lined with mansions. Visit churches that will take you back in time. If you are in a mood to relax and unwind, you can also spend a day or two exploring the lesser-known attractions of the town.

Verdon Gorge

Another pick especially meant for nature lovers is the Verdon gorge. The Verdon river here cuts deep valleys through the mountains here. Boating and canoeing are some of the activities that you can enjoy here.
Apart from these, Versailles, Paris, and the Auvergne are some of the other places that you can check out for your tour. So pick a luxury car that suits your taste and set out to enjoy the best travel experience.

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