Discover the Very Best Hidden Gems in Berlin

Explore the German capital’s many hidden gems in a luxury car rental Berlin and have the trip of a lifetime as you take in the sights of one of the world’s most historic cities.

The German capital city of Berlin is one of the most popular tourist destinations as visitors flock to the city in great numbers every year. It is one of the most historically relevant cities in modern history. Home to its Holocaust memorial where tourists and citizens alike gather to pay their respects, and the graffitied remains of the Berlin Wall, there is much to do and see in Berlin. Germany is a must-visit for history buffs and leisure seekers alike.

While the aforementioned sites should not be missed when in Berlin, you could also opt for an offbeat adventure by visiting the city’s many hidden gems. There is no better way to explore the city than in a luxury car hire Berlin. As most tourists flock to see the Reichstag, the home of the German parliament, or the Berlinale, the world’s most popular film festival, do something different on your next trip to the great German capital. Rent a luxury car and take the road less traveled.

Here are our top picks for must-see Berlin hidden gems scattered throughout the city.

Markthalle Neun

Berlin once hosted fourteen beautiful markets, but wars ravaged them all and now only three remain. The historic Markthalle Neun market is located in the Kreuzberg district and is one of the best markets to visit. Its origins date back to 1891, and in 2011, it was refurbished as a farmer’s market. All food here is sourced locally and organically and is a treat for the eyes of a foodie.

Drive to the market in your rented luxury car and enjoy some true German delicacies. Street Food Thursday witnesses many locals coming together and cooking exquisite finger-licking food. Or enjoy a traditional German breakfast in the mornings, hosted every third Sunday. If you have sweet tooth, don’t miss out on the Naschmarkt that takes place once every three months.


Berlin is an overall flat city, so it is hard to catch a glimpse of the beautiful city from a height. Located in the Kreuzberg district as well, visit Viktoriapark for breath-taking views of the city. It is a secret spot that only locals are privy to. Go enjoy a picnic as you take in the gorgeous sunset since the park is located at the city’s highest elevation.

You can drive your luxury car rental Berlin to the park after having a big breakfast at Markthalle Neun. The park consists of a quaint pond, a waterfall, and a beer garden. Additionally, the park is also a treat for history buffs as there is a Prussian monument commemorating the Liberation Wars. You can also trek up the monument which resembles a gothic church.


The summer months are ideal to visit one of the 70 lakes across Berlin and its neighbouring areas. The Halensee is the best lake to visit, located in central Berlin and makes for a lovely drive in a rented luxury car. With pristine crystal-clear water and sprawling gardens, the lake is the perfect spot for a picnic. You can carry your own food and outdoor equipment to have a gala time with your loved ones. It is fun for all ages!

You can also visit the Stadtbad Halensee which consists of a sunbathing area and a world-class restaurant offering fresh seafood and a variety of exotic salads. If you’re visiting in the winter, visit the Stadtbad Neukolln instead, a bathhouse that will take you back in time. The bathhouse boasts stunning architecture, and you can explore the spa facilities as well.


Looking for a relaxing stroll with your family? Take your luxury car rental and drive down to S-Bahnhof Bellevue. From there, walk towards the Spree and enjoy the stroll along the riverbank of East Berlin. You will also be able to take in some of Berlin’s most famous sights along the way. Berlin’s President can be found at the Schloss Bellevue.

If you head north, you will see Haus der Kulturen der Welt, the Kanzleramt, and the Hauptbahnhof. If you continue walking along the Spree, you will reach the Reichstag. The Spree-Ufer is one of the loveliest areas you will visit anywhere in the world. Add it to your bucket list today.

Spandauer Zitadelle

The Spandauer Zitadaelle is one of the city’s oldest and most well-preserved fortresses. It was built in 1197 and served to protect the town and citizens of Spandau. Now used for cultural purposes, the citadel houses an enchanting museum. If you’re into quirky things, book a bat tour at the citadel. With over 10,000 bats in the vaults, many tourists come here to meet the bats, observe them, and even feed them!


If you liked meeting the bats, you will love Spreepark as well. It used to be a DGR amusement park but was shut down in 2002. The park was once vibrant with entertainment rides, life-size dinosaur statues, and a wild west village. It is now in ruins, but you can book guided weekend tours to explore the park. You can easily rent a luxury car and drive to the ruins. Many locals and tourists have also explored the ruins on their own, albeit illegally. Locals take pride in doing so as it is the city’s most original attraction that breathes life into it in a surreal manner.

Schloss Charlottenburg

While summertime is the perfect time to visit Berlin, you will have fun visiting during the winter as well. The city is lit up with several Christmas markets. Make a note to visit the market at the historical Schloss Charlottenburg. A traditional market with a modern spin, you will get to enjoy the many sweet treats, local beer, and a hot Bratwurst, and will cherish these memories forever.

There is no dearth of sightseeing options in Berlin. Rent luxury car Berlin when you plan your next trip and avoid the hassle that is synonymous with public transport. Carry a camera with charged batteries and capture amazing pictures when you visit the aforementioned hidden gems!

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