Precautions to Take While Renting a Luxury Car in Milan

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A great trip deserves a great car. However, before the excitement of the trip takes over your mind, take the following precautions before you hire a luxury car in Milan.

Charming yet irrefutably real, and populated by the most classy and chic occupants of Italy, Milan is the flawless example of old-world romance meets urban grit.

In a country full of man-made and natural delights, Milan is often overlooked due to its pretty neighbors. However, the people who know Italy well will not dare to skip a visit to architecture, food, fashion and art capital. The experience in this fabulous city increases manifolds when you explore the city in a luxury car of your dreams. The city offers its tourists several things to do like sightseeing, drinking, eating, and shopping. Imagine exploring this classy city in a Range Rover. The feeling is so powerful that no words can describe it.

A great trip deserves a great car. However, before the excitement of the trip takes over your mind, take the following precautions before you hire a luxury car in Milan. The below tips will protect you from fraudulent car hire companies.

Go Through The Prices:

There are several car hire companies that try to attract tourists or customers with their attractive prices. Even if the prices claim to be inclusive, many services are not included in it by the rental companies. These services include additional drivers, child seats, distance limits, added insurance, and returning the car late, crossing international borders, returning the vehicle to a point other than pick up point, etc. Hire a car only from the company that is transparent in its pricing. Confirm the total costs of the company representatives that involve both services and taxes. Weed out the things you do not require to save money.

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Check The Contract Carefully:

Before paying the car rental companies, read the contract thoroughly. Do not hesitate to clear your doubts from the company’s representative if you are not clear about any clause. Do not sign the contract if you are not happy with the terms and conditions mentioned in it. Pay attention to the following things in the contract:

  • What services are included in the contract for the price quoted
  • Insurance Policy:

    Check if the insurance policy covers all the drivers who want to drive the car. Also, check the type of insurance cover involved. Double-check if you have to pay extra if there is a claim.
  • Fuel Policy:

    Always check if the company follows a full-to-full fuel policy or full to the empty policy. Some car rental companies charge extra if you return the car empty tank.
  • Driver Policy:

    Check if there are any insurance restrictions on the number of people traveling in the rented car.
  • Breakdown Policy:

    Read the contract properly to know the breakdown policy of the rental company. It clearly explains the steps you need to take in case the car break down on the way. Never try fixing the car yourself without informing the company.
  • Return Policy:

    Also go through the return policy of the company before signing the contract. Check if the company charges extra in case you return the car at a different location other than your pick up location.
  • Cancellation Policy:

    Check the cancellation policy of the company. It is necessary to know in case you are not satisfied with the services of the company.

Check the Deposit:

Before hiring the car, make sure that any deposit you pay beforehand should be deducted from the total fees of renting the car. The deposit amount should not appear as an additional charge on your credit card bill.

Check the State Of The Cars:

Before you pick up the car from the pick-up location, make sure that the employees of the company note down any damage that is on the car before you drive it. Also, make sure that the particular employee checks that no damage has occurred on the car when you return it at the drop of location. You can also maintain a checklist of your own before setting off. This will avoid paying extra money in case any damage occurs. It is better to check the lights, air conditioner, music system, tires, and the windscreen before starting your journey.

Crossing International Borders:

In Europe, car rental companies allow you to drive rented cars across international borders. However, for this, you have to pay a cross border fee. You should inform your rental company if you have any intentions to drive the car out of the country. If you do not notify them, you cannot claim the insurance in case of any damage to the car. Better inform the company so that they can do the required paperwork.

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Check Your Credit Card Insurance Policy:

Car rental companies offer expensive insurance to cover damages. You may not need additional insurance even if your insurance policy does not cover rental cars. Many credit card companies offer insurance on rented cars without any additional cost. Call your credit card company first to save your money. Go through the rental car policy of your credit card company to know what they cover in case of damage.

Ask Where You Can Go:

Check with the rental company if there is any limit to the distance you can travel in the rented car. Also, ask them if crossing international borders is allowed or not. Also, confirm from them if you require an international driving permit or any other documentation for renting a luxury car in Milan.

Do Not Rent The Car At The Airport:

While renting a luxury car in Milan, try not to hire it from the airport. We all know that the most convenient and easiest way of hiring a car is to pick it up from the rental companies available at the airport. But keep in mind that the rental companies at the airport are obligated to pay fees to the airport. They charge this extra fee from their customers. Therefore, do not rent a car from the airport. Instead, take a cab, and hire the car from the company that is not on the airport grounds.

Luxury car rental in Milan offers a wide range of luxury cars to clients. You can hire any luxury car in Milan like Mercedes, Audi, Range Rover, or a Ferrari from them. Just make sure to take the required precautions.

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