Save More on Your Next Car Rental with Quick Tips

Car rental tips for your trip
Renting a car while you are on a trip, business meeting or any other special occasion is more flexible as rentals can be availed at short notice and at any time.

Renting a car is the best way to get around. Imagine traveling in a car of your dreams at your favorite destination, let us say Europe. This euphoric feeling cannot be described in words. Renting a car while you are on a trip, business meeting or any other special occasion is more flexible as rentals can be availed at short notice and at any time. Above all car rentals allow you to ride a car you always dreamt of. Believe us, there is nothing better than exploring a stunning continent like Europe in a classy car like Mercedes or Audi.

Many times we are drawn by the catchy advertisements of car rental companies offering huge discounts on rented cars. However, when we actually book the car with the rental company, it costs us much more than we plan for. Fortunately, with good knowledge it is possible to get a good deal on your next set of rental wheels. In this blog, we will discuss a few cost hacks that will help you save a lot of money. Do not forget to follow these tips the next time you rent a car.

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Avoid Renting A Car At The Airport:

When you rent a car at the airport, the rental companies charge you extra money. The total cost of the rented car also includes the airport tax. Since the airport is the most convenient location to rent a car, people often commit the mistake of hiring a car from there and end up paying extra money. Car rentals at the airport are offered at premium prices. You can save your money by renting the car from the same company, but at a place somewhere away from the airport. This way you do not have to pay extra airport charges. Remember this tip the next time you rent a car.

Book Early:

The simplest and the easiest way to save lots of money on rented cars is to book them in advance. Do not forget to make advance bookings if you are traveling somewhere in the peak season like summer holidays. Booking early will ensure you not only the best prices but also the car you have your eyes on. Late bookings mean more expenses and limited options.

Get Your Timing Right:

Most car rental companies charge in a block of 24 hours. This means that if you pick up the car from your pick up location at midday; make sure that you drop off the car at the decided location at midday or earlier. In case you choose a late drop-off, rental companies will charge you for full one extra day, even if you drop off the car 1 hour late.

Find The Best Value Insurance:

It does not make much sense to pay extra for insurance when we are talking about the tips to save money on car rentals. In such cases, you have to find your happy balance, just think what you will have to risk if something goes wrong versus the amount you will have to pay upfront for your protection. Pay for the insurance you need.

Most rental deals come with basic cover only. It limits your liability. If in case the rented car is stolen or damaged by an accident, the rental company will charge you extra for the damage. Basic cover only covers the bodywork. In the case of other damages, the rental company will charge you thousands. Many car rental companies try to sell additional insurance, you have to decide if you need it or not. If you have an insurance policy for your own car, there is a good chance that it covers rented cars too. Even if your insurance policy does not cover rented cars, many credit card companies also offer insurance coverage for rental cars. Find your best value insurance before renting a car, to save money. You can also save money by buying rental car insurance outside the rental company.

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Double-Check The Fuel Policy:

Do not forget to check out the fuel policy of the car rental company before renting a car from them. Many companies follow full-to-full policy. In this policy, you pick up the car with a full tank and return it with a full tank. It is a cheaper option as you only have to pay for the fuel you use. Whereas in full to empty policy, you pick up the car with a full tank but return it with an empty tank. This is a pricier option as rental companies charge service fees on the top of fuel prices.

Compare Prices Online:

There are several websites present online that give you a chance to compare the prices of the rental companies at once. It is the one thing you should always do before renting a car. Comparing prices online will help you find the best deals. This one hack can save you a good percentage of your hard-earned money.

Read the Fine Print:

Many car rental companies automatically add extra services if and when we do not opt for them. These extra charges include extra insurance cover, satellite radio, GPS and child seats. Other hidden charges include cleaning fees, additional driver fees, late return fees, and administrative fees. Always ask the representative of the rental company to tell you total charges involving service fees and taxes. Go through them properly and weed out the things you do not require to reduce costs.

Use Reward Programs and Ask for Discounts:

If you travel regularly, look into reward programs that will help you save extra bucks. You can even get a free rental as a reward. Airline frequent flyer reward, credit card rewards, and rental company loyalty reward are few to consider. On the other hand, several car rental companies offer exciting discounts to senior citizens, corporate employees, and military members. Even if you do not belong to any category, do not forget to ask for special discounts from the rental companies.

If you happen to visit Europe, check out luxury car rentals in Naples to get attractive discount. With such appealing deals, and the cost hacks mentioned above, you will be able to make most of your trip. Bon Voyage!

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