Top 5 Myths About Luxury Car Rental

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We all know that buying a luxury car is not a random task. It is like a huge investment, and therefore, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, this should not stop you from driving your dream car.

Renting a luxury car for a vacation with your family or friends can be a lifetime experience and memory. You can make the vacation by giving your peers the comfort and ease of a luxury car without actually buying it. It will be a great moment of surprise for special holidays like a honeymoon or a mini weekend trip with your family or friends or a birthday weekend celebration. We all know that buying a luxury car is not a random task. It is like a huge investment, and therefore, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, this should not stop you from driving your dream car. You can now rent luxury car Italy and fulfil your dream of driving your favourite luxury dream car. Just imagine those happy faces of your peers when you will surprise them with a drive in a luxury car! Also, it is very easy to rent luxury car Italy.

Renting a luxury car comes with a lot of benefits. The foremost being comfort and ease. Even you will agree that comfort which a luxury car gives, is not comparable to that of your regular car. A luxury car provides you with ample space which restricts crowding while travelling in a large number of people. When you travel in a luxury car, you can make the masses turn and grab their attention, as a little show-off does not harm anyone. While going for a family function or a business-related meeting, arriving at the destination in a luxury car will definitely make people think more of you. 

When you rent a luxury car, you don’t have to worry about insurance. If you have personal car insurance, the same will be applicable when you are in a rented car. In case you do not have private car insurance, you can get yourself car insurance by booking the car with the right credit card, as many travel credit card companies offer insurance via booking through their credit cards. If you do not own a credit card, then you can always go for insurance policies that the rental companies offer during the time of booking.

However, when it comes to renting a luxury car, many myths prevail in the minds of people. Right from its cost to whether it is worth renting, here are the top five myths about renting a luxury car.

Renting Luxury Cars is Too Expensive

One of the biggest and most prominent myths about renting luxury cars is that it is only for the rich, famous and super savvy people. Such kind of image portrayal prevails in the minds of people because of the various scenes depicted in movies and T.V. series where the rich roam in the town in their personal chauffeur or a shiny, smooth-finish luxury car. This is not the reality; luxury cars are not only for the rich and famous. Renting a luxury car is not too expensive. Renting a luxury car will cost you more money only in two cases. First case being, you want to hire the latest model of the car that has just launched. And the second case is when you are booking the car at the last moment. Experts state that sometimes it is cheaper to rent a luxury car rather than owning it. Renting saves you from the expenses of maintaining a luxury car.

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Brand New Cars Are More Reliable Than the Rented Luxury Cars

To your surprise, this is a myth, and the opposite of this is true. A car which is in use for  a long time shows manufacturing and other defects. Therefore, it is more reliable. A car which is five to ten years old, is more reliable than a brand-new car, as the old car is more stable. Also, the renting of a luxury car which is a former model is comparatively less than that of the latest version. If a car is well maintained, it will be reliable despite its age and rental companies do take good care of their vehicles.

Paying for the Damage Caused by Someone Else

Like the previous one, this myth is also pervasive among the masses. People think that the rental company will accuse them of the slightest scratch that happens. However, what you need to know is that each car comes with a file that consists of damage details in it. You must go through this file before renting the car to get an idea of the different damage penalties that the company can impose on you. Also, there is no reason with the rental companies to charge you more for a damage or defect that is already present in the car you are renting. Also, you need to check the car thoroughly before renting it so that you know about the already present scratches on the vehicle. Rental companies generally ignore and spare you for the small damage or scratches.

The Bigger the Rental Company, The Better Will Be the Car

The scope of this myth is not only restricted to luxury car rentals, but it also finds its presence in our day-to-day life. People often think that bigger the company or the brand, more fabulous will be the quality of their services. However, this is not true. Do not rule out small rental companies just because they are not that well-established. Bigger rental companies do not spare you even for minor scratches or damage, but also the chance of getting personal assistance is less in comparison to small rental agencies.

You Are Paying for The Rental Car So That You Can Take Away the Car’s Soul

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This myth is amusing, as a lot of people think they can do anything and everything with the rental car as they are paying for it. The rental companies may spare you for some minimal damages and scratches, however, in case of some significant damage or malfunction caused by you, the rental company will impose heavy penalties.  The purpose of the luxury rental car agencies is not to take all your money, so do not harass the car. Keep it safe and treat it as if it is your car.

Be smarter and rent a luxury car from a company that will be happy to serve you as their clients!

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