Top 5 Summer Activities in Tuscany

Tuscany is famous for its wine, gelato and rich cuisine. Rent luxury car Tuscany to make the most of your holiday and enjoy all a Tuscan summer has to offer.

Europe is home to some of the most exotic and exciting holiday destinations. From beautiful beaches and haunting castles to gorgeous vineyards and historical museums, Europe has everything. While Europe is the ideal holiday destination throughout the year, there is no better time to explore the continent than in the summer months of June through September. This is especially true if you’re planning on visiting the great Italian city of Tuscany.

Tuscany’s capital Florence is well-known for being rich in Renaissance art and architecture. Tuscany is also a popular holiday destination for wine lovers, astronomy enthusiasts and history buffs. If you’re visiting Tuscany during the summer, don’t forget to rent luxury car Tuscany for an all-around lavish experience.

Here are the top 5 summer activities you simply must do after renting a luxury car in Tuscany.

Astronomical Paradise

Regardless of whether you are an astronomy lover or not, nothing can match the feeling of calm and peace that washes over you as you gaze at the expansive night sky over you. Every year, the Florence Cathedral, one of the most famous in the region, celebrates the installation of the first sundial that has existed since 1475. The sundial announces the beginning of the summer solstice every June.

Tuscany’s many observatories and planetariums are always hosting talks and events. They set up telescopes pointing towards the night sky so that tourists and residents alike can appreciate the beauty of the universe. Rent a luxury car in July and August and drive to Tuscany to witness the Perseid meteor shower, one of the brightest showers.

The Night of San Lorenzo is another annual historical event. It finds its roots in religious folklore as the locals believe that the late Saint Lawrence cries tears on his death anniversary. The tears then transform into stars. Centuries ago, an astronomical phenomenon made these stars appear red, and the legend says that Saint Lawrence cried tears of blood. The phenomenon does not exist anymore, but you can still observe the falling stars. It is the experience of a lifetime you won’t forget.

Sweet Tooth Anyone?

No trip to Italy is complete without tasting some lovely gelato to cool off during the hot summer months. While gelato is available throughout the year, some outlets make particular flavours available only during the summer. Renting a luxury car gives you the freedom to move about at your convenience and explore the several gelato options in Tuscany.

Traditional ice cream that you find in your home country pales in comparison to the silky and rich texture offered by gelato. Gelato flavours are also derived from nature so there aren’t any artificial ingredients involved. You also have the option to choose from a walking tour or a driving tour. Why not experience both? Luxury cars in Europe are the perfect companion for these activities.

The Seven Islands

A popular legend born in Tuscany is that when Venus, the goddess of love, rose from the sea, seven invaluable stones fell from her tiara. These stones then created seven islands off the coast of Tuscany. The island of Gorgona has restricted access as it is an agricultural colony. The seventh island of Montecristo is not open to the public as it is a wildlife reserve.

The five islands of Elba, Pianosa, Gigli, Giannutri and Capraia were once home to pirates looking to hide their treasures. During the summer, these five islands are perfect for sunbathing at the beach and enjoying the cool breeze with a cocktail in hand. The summer is also the prime time to witness the lush greenery and wildlife. You can travel to all seven islands by boat after driving your rented luxury car to one of the mainland ports.

For Wine Lovers

Rent a luxury car and take in the sights of the sprawling countryside as you drive down to Italy’s many vineyards. Italy is home to some of the world’s best wines, so it is no surprise that wineries host festivals and tastings during the summer months. The Chianti region of Tuscany is the place to be for the finest wines.

Drive your rented luxury car to the region, park your car at your hotel and then take a stroll through the many vineyards. When the Tuscan summer is ending in September, you can visit grape farms to observe the grape stomping. You can even participate in it yourself!

So Much Food

Italy’s cuisine has dominated the world as everyone enjoys the fresh and rich flavours, and versatility. June, July and August experience a boom in food tourism for the many food festivals Tuscany hosts. These food festivals are known as sagras. Sagra is an Italian word synonymous with food festivals and home cooking. The locals concoct unique dishes that highlight the bold flavours, textures and ingredients.

Rent luxury car Tuscany for the ultimate foodie experience. Travel in style as you hop from food outlet to outlet. Tuscany is famous for its porcini mushrooms, cinghiale and of course the many types of pasta. Take a bite of the hand-rolled spaghetti known locally as pici, and potato-filled ravioli called tortelli.

And it goes without saying that you cannot leave Tuscany without trying the traditional fish soup cacciucco. You will require a big bib for this as it consists of heaps of tomato sauce, toasted bread and tons of garlic. It is a dish for the ages and will leave your mouth wanting more.

Renting a luxury car may seem too extravagant but it is worth every penny. There is a wide range of cars to choose from. Regardless of what your budget is, there is a luxury car waiting for you. When you rent luxury car Tuscany, you save an additional amount of money that you would have spent on private taxis and public transport. Furthermore, you can cruise the streets at your convenience and don’t have to comply with anyone else’s schedule.

A luxury car rental is an ideal companion on a solo, couple and family vacation. Enjoy the holiday of a lifetime!

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