Top 10 SUV Car Brands You Must Hire for Your Next Luxury Car Rental

Hire an SUV in Nice and indulge in the city’s old-world opulence and stunning seaside charm. Here are the top 10 luxury SUV brands to make your journey most memorable.

The enigmatic blue sea, sun-kissed beaches, old-world charm, vivacious street life and the balmy Mediterranean climate – Nice is a blissful concoction of every ingredient that would make your dream holiday in France even more pleasant. And if you love the blend of Italian and French culture, Nice is one of the perfect places to be.

The Italian influence on this city is evident in its ochre-hued structures, lip-smacking pasta and architectural marvels from famous artists. There are some fascinating art museums here but three aesthetically pleasing pilgrimage superstars will simply melt your heart – Chagall, the Musées Matisse and d’Art Moderne. And not to forget the famous street snacks that are a complete no-miss on your trip to Nice.

If you wish to make your holiday more exciting, hire an SUV in Nice and get onto the streets in absolute style, comfort and sophistication. No more standing in queues to buy a train ticket or waiting for your bus to arrive; no more paying hefty prices to book a taxi. By hiring an SUV, you can travel at your own pace and take your time to explore the beauty and cultural heritage of this vibrant city.

Not sure which SUV suits your driving style and travelling preferences? Here are the top 10 SUV brands that will boost your car hire experience in Nice.

10 Best SUV Brands on Hire for a Memorable Trip to Nice

We just can’t get enough of SUVs! Their macho styling, spacious interiors, robust performance and avant-garde technology make Sports Utility Vehicles one of the best choices for luxury car hire in Nice. And not just brute strength or sheer size; top-notch SUVs are the perfect choice for adventure – from camping trips to mountain hauling or cruising down the city streets at night. So, check out our top picks to hire an SUV in Nice.

1. Range Rover

When it comes to luxury SUV rental in Nice, one name that instantly comes to mind is Range Rover. Driving this beast through the streets of Nice will make heads turn as you’ll discover the city’s hidden treasures amid sheer comfort and luxury. Its sublime interiors, 5-seat versatility, powerful technology and exceptional design will further enhance your traveling experience like never before.

2. Mercedes Benz

Not limousines, roadsters or coupés but Mercedes Benz takes quality and performance a level higher with their exotic range of SUVs that are “designed for the wilderness.” As their tagline says #LiveTheRush, Mercedes Benz SUVs offer the perfect blend of power, strength and performance. Explore the city of Nice in a Mercedes Benz GLE that will impress you with its ride comfort, performance and refinement.

3. BMW

BMW is another popular auto brand that has established the highest level of standards for their SUV range – featuring a streamlined design and excellent performance. Whether you are on a business trip, a romantic getaway or a fun-filled family holiday, a ride through the boulevard will be an experience worth cherishing forever. Just get behind the wheels and set off on an electrifying journey.

4. Audi

The sheer mention of Audi brings luxury limousines and sedans into the mind but you will be awed with their brilliant range of SUVs that combine style with versatility, luxurious amenities, 4×4 wheel drive and cutting-edge technologies. Audi has taken a “contemporary take” on sports utility vehicle, perfectly balancing its streamlined, muscular design with superior performance, advanced driver assistance systems and everyday functionality.

5. Mini Cooper Countryman

If you want your ride to be compact and streamlined but with excellent performance, you can hire a Mini Cooper Countryman in Nice. It is a small, sports utility vehicle that offers the perfect punch you need to drive an SUV in the streets of France. The SUV is a perfect choice for a night out in the town, airport transfer, business meetings, and even visiting the top tourist attractions in Nice with your family and friends.

6. Porsche

If you are looking to drive a luxury sports car with your family or friends, Porsche is one of the best options for you. Featuring a striking appearance, spacious interiors and impressive performance, this SUV will make your adrenaline rush as you sit behind the steering wheel. It is a sports car in the true sense but with the versatility of 5 seats. So, whether you want to embark on an adventure in Nice or simply explore the country’s vivid attractions, luxury car rental in Nice ensures the finest experience.

7. Lamborghini

Driving a Lamborghini and that too on your tour to the pulsating city of Nice can be a dream come true. It is sporty yet functional with luxurious interiors, a chiselled glamorous look and excellent performance – typical of a Lamborghini. With a plethora of driving capabilities and features, your journey on the streets of Nice will be worth cherishing for a lifetime.

8. Bentley

You’d typically not expect Bentley to have an SUV but the sheer look and performance of the Bentayga range of sports utility vehicles will impress you. Rent a luxury SUV from Bentley and enjoy driving from open roads to city streets and even beyond. It is a perfect fusion of excitement, comfort and outright capabilities.

9. Maserati

Levante is the Maserati range of SUVs, featuring impeccable design and craftsmanship, luxury trims and interesting driving dynamics. Whether you are headed to an important business meeting in Nice, a dinner date with your beloved or an adventure trip with friends, driving a Maserati Levante ensures the most rewarding experiences.

10. Jaguar

Last but not the least, luxury performance SUVs from Jaguar! The vehicles feature award-winning design, intuitive technologies and Jaguar’s patented performance excellence to make your tour to Nice feel extraordinary. Premium colours, superlative driving experience and absolute power will grab the eyeballs as you make your way through the streets of this beautiful city.

Now that you have a list of the top 10 auto brands, hire an SUV in Nice and create everlasting memories for you and your loved ones.

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