5 Steps To Getting The Best Deal On A Luxury Car Hire

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Hiring a luxury car will help you in achieving so. Travelling with your loved ones in a luxury car such as a Lamborghini or a Ferrari will be like a cherry on the cake.

If you want to go out on vacation, then you will want it to be a memorable one. Hiring a luxury car will help you in achieving so. Travelling with your loved ones in a luxury car such as a Lamborghini or a Ferrari will be like a cherry on the cake. However, finding and renting luxury cars is not easy. With the strange rules and policies of the rental companies, renting a car can be daunting. Also, there can be a massive blow in your pocket if the rental companies charge you more than what you want to pay. To help you out in getting the best deal on hiring luxury cars, this guide will tell you about where to rent, what charges to expect, and how to go about it.

Where to Book?

Renting a car can be overwhelming. Therefore, start your research by checking out car rental aggregator sites. These sites search all the car rental companies at once based on your location. Well established and big rental companies have luxurious cars like Porsches, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bentleys, and many more. There are many Ferrari car hire Spain companies, apart from Ferraris, lent out other luxury cars too. Check the rental car company’s website for a better insight. Doing online research and comparison of different rental sites will also help you compare the rates of the different cars available on different websites. After checking out big rental companies, have a look at smaller companies as well. The small companies may not have a large variety of rental cars, but you can check up on them for a specific vehicle of your choice. Although these smaller companies may not have fancy websites or lavish showrooms, they sometimes have better or discounted price options for you. Small scale Ferrari car hire Spain companies offer rental cars at low rates as compared to the big companies.

Rental Costs

Renting a regular car does not burden your pocket. However, when it comes to renting luxury cars, you need to prepare yourself for paying the cost of the rent, which will, of course, be higher than the regular car rent. The rates vary according to the model of the luxury car. The latest model, higher, will be the rental cost. Compare weekly and daily prices. Not always, the weekly rates are cheaper than the daily rates. Also, make sure to check the company’s fine print to learn about the different fines imposed on particular situations. Go through the company’s rules and regulations regarding the rent. Some Ferrari car hire Spain companies ask you to deposit the car rental in advance with some extra charges which are returnable once you handover the vehicle back so that if there is any kind of damage to the car, they will deduct the amount from this extra money and return you the remaining amount.

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Skip Insurance and Upgrades

After diligent research, you might end up finding the best luxury car at a decent rental rate. However, this is not the end of everything. The biggest money wasters are the ones who go for car rental insurance. The companies use all kinds of scare tricks to convince you to get car insurance. If you have car insurance for your personal vehicle, the same insurance will cover you when you are in a rented luxury car. There is no need to get additional insurance from the rental company. Convincing you to get car insurance from the rental company will only make extra money for the company. So even if you do not have personal car insurance, you can get it when you book the car from the right credit card, as most travel credit cards offer insurance on rental cars without charging any extra cost.

Another important aspect where you can save money are the ‘upgrades.’ Rental companies will try to sell you a bunch of ‘upgrades’ and other extra items that you do not necessarily require. The companies charge you extra for such ‘upgrades.’ Few of the common additional things you should say no to are:

  • GPS – your mobile phones already have GPS and navigation apps.
  • Satellite radio – you can use your mobile phone to play music.
  • Toll passes – companies often charge extra for providing you toll passes. Instead, you can carry cash and pay a toll wherever required.

Book Economy Cars

At every stage of the rental process, right from seeing the different car options to settling down to one, the car rental company will try to its fullest to upsell you to a fancier and expensive car model. Do not take such offers. The more deluxe the car, the lesser is its economic mileage. Go for an ‘economic’ car even if it is not as fancier as the other options available.

Luxury car parked on road available for rent

Another thing that you should keep in mind is never to pick up the car at the airport. Car rental companies will charge you extra for providing this privilege. Therefore, choose a non-airport pickup location. You can get to this pickup location with a cab, which will cost you nearly half the money that the rental company would charge for an airport pickup.

Use Peer to Peer Car Rental Service

Renting cars from big companies is not the only way of renting luxury cars. You can choose to get a Ferrari car hire Spain from peer to peer car rental services. Peer to peer car rental means renting a car from an individual. People who do not use their cars frequently often start such peer to peer car rental services. Many owners also offer a car delivery at the client’s desired location. You need to return the car to the owner when your purpose is over. These peer to peer car rentals usually offer cars at low daily and weekly rents as compared to the big rental companies. Also, there is no lengthy process involved in hiring the vehicle from such peer to peer car rental service.

Another thing you should give a thought on is whether your trip requires a luxury car? If it is not necessary, then avoid renting luxury cars and choose other travelling options.

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