Discover the Most Scenic Drives in Spain to Enjoy in Your Luxury Car

Lamborghini hire Spain is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful roads, scenic routes, and picturesque locations. Make memories you will cherish forever.

As one of the most popular destinations in Europe, Spain has a lot to offer. Hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to the Spanish cities of Barcelona, Madrid, and Sevilla every year. Whether it is to watch football matches or to soak in the Spanish sun, there is no dearth of activities to do while in Spain. The Spanish landscape has much to offer, from winding mountainous roads to gorgeous coastal roads. It is the ideal destination for anyone looking for Lamborghini hire Spain and the road trip of a lifetime.

The next time you visit one of Europe’s most amazing holiday destinations, hire a Lamborghini to take charge of your holiday and to travel at your own convenience. Explore some of the most scenic routes that you will not find elsewhere in the world. The key advantage of hiring a luxury car is that you can travel at your convenience and don’t have to comply with the strenuous schedules of public transportation systems. Take your time exploring the beautiful country of Spain with your loved ones.

Wondering what the most scenic drives in Spain are? We’ve got your covered.


The tunnels of Andalusia are located a few kilometres off the main highway whose origins can be traced back to some 40 years ago. Take your luxury car hire for a spin on the old coastal road N-340 that travels along that Costa del Sol. The tunnels don’t experience a lot of traffic, so you can enjoy the drive all by yourself.

As one of the most beautiful coastal drives, the tunnels are in stark contrast to modern expressways as they do not have any fluorescent lights and flashing emergency exits. The Andalusian drive is perfect to experience the power and thrill of your rented luxury car. The deserts that surround the area are where a few scenes of the hit television show Game of Thrones were shot. Make sure to make pit stops along the way and click a few pictures for keepsake.

El Chorro

Located in the heart of Andalusia, the rock formations and mountains of El Chorro are famous amongst tourists as they are home to chasms that are hundred metres deep. El Chorro also boasts several narrow and wide roads that are ideal to test the power of a Lamborghini hire Spain. It is a long drive so try not to make too many pit stops. It may be tempting as the mountains are gorgeous and picturesque.

The scenic lake, Conde de Guadalhorce Reservoir, is on the way to El Chorro. If you are looking for peace and tranquillity or want a good picnic spot for your lunch break, stop by for an hour or so. While it is fascinating to see throughout the year, the perfect time to visit is during spring and fall.

Santander to Gijon

Looking for a romantic drive in your rented luxury car? Take the coastal drive from Santander to Gijon located in the north of Spain. For a picturesque drive, hop on to the N-634, N-621, and N-625. Travel from the breath-taking shoreline to the rugged mountains. The entire drive takes approximately four hours to complete. You will enjoy every single minute of it.

Near the ocean, the limestone rocks overlook the lush green coast of the Cantabrian Sea. Experience shades of blue, grey and green in the water, and park your car at the side to breathe in the fresh air.


Montserrat, located 45 kilometres northwest of Barcelona, is the perfect drive for you if you want to feel like you are in a music video as the breeze caresses your hair. The drive is a little challenging but if you want to see how well your luxury car rental can do in mountainous terrain, visit Monserrat. Once you reach an elevated height, park the car, step out, and enjoy the jaw-dropping views of Catalunya.

If you enjoy hiking, drive your car to the mountain range, park it in the public car park, and take a hike up the range. It is one of the most exhilarating hiking routes in Europe.

The Countryside

France is located northeast of Spain, so if you are visiting Spain, why not pop over to France as well? Visit the Spanish countryside as well as the French Basque country as you travel on the 280 miles long circuit. This scenic route takes you to Bilbao and Pamplona in Spain, and to San Sebastian and Biarritz in France. This route, however, is one of the longest circuits in Europe. Be patient and take plenty of pit stops.

Want to experience how fast your rented luxury car can go under the speed limit? Try it out at the countryside circuit. Additionally, make sure you visit the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum and the Guggenheim if you have a keen eye for art.

Valle de Jerte

If Valle de Jerte is not on your bucket list already, add it immediately. A short drive from the Spanish capital of Madrid, the valley and the mountains you will encounter along the way will leave you in awe. A primarily straight drive, it is suitable for those who want to cruise casually while admiring the scenery. If you visit in mid-April, you will be able to see beautiful cherry blossom trees that have inspired many poets and writers in the past. Your luxury car hire will be well worth it when you take this road.

Spain has some of the most beautiful roads in the world. When you rent a luxury car, always remember to obey the traffic rules as they may be different from the ones you are used to following in your home country. Furthermore, utilise the GPS system that comes equipped in your Lamborghini hire Spain to its fullest capacity. Read up on the traffic, road, and weather conditions before embarking on a road trip. If you are looking to make memories that will last you and your loved ones a lifetime, there is no better place for it than Spain.

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