Experiences You Need to Try in Barcelona, Spain

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In a city as beautiful and mystical as paradise, there’s much to enjoy that reaches far beyond the usual, which you can experience in your Porsche rental Barcelona. These encounters will remain with you even after you’ve departed, and it can provide you with plenty of vacation photos that go beyond the standard photo feed of Gaudi houses, greasy paellas, and overly expensive sangria jars on Las Ramblas.

From amazing experiences, quaint museums, and one-of-a-kind bars, to authentic local tours, mystery gardens, nude beaches, uncommon sights, and exciting activities, the information below has compiled some of the favourite original and different ways so that you can explore Barcelona in your Porsche rental Barcelona. They are as follows:

1.You can enjoy Tapas with Flamenco Dance.

So you’ll see a first-class performance by some of Spain’s leading musicians and singers, and then taste some famous traditional Spanish food in the form of tapas. This night is a wonderful way to integrate two of Spain’s most renowned traditions in one night at an amazing value.

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2.You can travel to Park Guell for a sunset view.

The Gaudi landscaped gardens are one of Barcelona’s finest places to visit. But if you’d like to see the romantic best of Park Guell, then do it at night because when late afternoon glazes the stunning trencadis-decorated terrace, and you’ll see all of Barcelona showered in gentle golden light. Advance tickets are necessary, but simply pick the third last time of entrance possible on the day of your scheduled trip. Entry slots are open every hour, but if the last entrance is 5:30 pm, pick the entrance at 4:30 pm – which will allow you more than enough time to see the park and experience the sunset.

3.You should try riding on a Steel Donkey.

In this scenario, the ‘Steel Donkey’ is just a euphemism for a regular bicycle – however, there’s nothing normal about Steel Donkey Bike Tours. Rather, you’ll travel along the back streets of El Borne, Garcia’s village centre, or Poblenou’s old industrial ruins in a small group of friends, bringing abandoned factories, flea markets, and graffiti en route, as well as dropping off for quick snacks. Initial alternative tour of Barcelona, it is an action-packed day-out with positive reviews on two wheels. Best to book early as they seem to sell out.

4.You can Relax in Sub-Zero Beach Bar.

You don’t need a fur-lined Arctic coat to join a bar in Spain, but you’ll be glad for it at Barcelona’s Ice Bar-and the gloves too. You can swap from scorching hot sands to Siberian sub-zero temperatures in seconds on the beach at Port Olimpic.

5.You can try Spanish style cooking.

Know how to manage the perfect paella by taking cooking classes with a Spanish chef and combine the tastiest sangria. The paella is, of course, one of several signature dishes of Spain-a vast plate of rice and meat/seafood/vegetables created to share. Fun, pleasant and somewhat messy, this is a fun activity to do on your own or with friends and learn new skills which might end up making you popular back home.

6.You should visit one of the La Sagrada Familia Towers.

No question you want to visit La Sagrada Familia, but then don’t lose part of the fun with a regular entry fare. Book a tour with entry to one of the church towers and then get spectacular views of the whole area, while also getting close to some of the impressive architectural features at the top of the basilica of Gaudi. There are two towers, Nativity and Love, which are accessible to the public, although only a few trips provide entry to the tower as part of the trip, so search before booking.

7.You can make your own cava.

Cava is, of course, the Spanish equivalent of Champagne and you can take training to a 1,000-year-old farmhouse in Spain’s Penedes wine area and create your drink during this zany trip! You will sample the sparkling material in three different kinds and then ‘disgorge’ the bottle and add your personalised label while learning a lot about the making of Cava in the process.

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8.You can visit Gaudi’s Casa at night.

No need to line up with all the visitors during the day, for its La Pedrera: The Origins exhibition, Gaudi’s curvy little set, La Casa Mila, keeps its doors wide open at night. The evening begins with a night tour of the grounds, and you will marvel at the flair of the architect for spectacular interiors before you eventually work your way up to the roof of the house. Here you will be treated to a mesmerising audio-visual show displayed onto the undulating shapes and wonderful chimneys on the terrace. One glass of refreshing Catalan champagne and treats is also included in the value. That being said, if you’re kind of a morning person, you could perhaps book a ticket to “The Awakening.”

9.You should enjoy live music at Gaudi’s Casa Batllo.

A pleasant Mediterranean wind, a glass of champagne or beer, stunning scenery with your friends-they don’t call this series of Magic Nights concerts for nothing!  Tickets get sold out most nights, so it’s best to seize them ahead of time. A night tour of this fantastic, UNESCO-listed villa is also included in the ticket cost.

10.You can learn the art of street photography.

If you’re a fan of “creative travel,” then taking a picture tour is one perfect opportunity that mixes travelling with learning and inspiration. Shutter Kings Barcelona organises tailor-made picture walks for aspiring shutterbugs, and their experienced staff can take you through some of the interesting labyrinthine backstreets of the city from, which you can capture the city’s spirit with your camera. If you’re filming with a state-of-the-art DSLR, a point-and-shoot, or perhaps even your mobile phone, the group has plenty of tricks to get your images to stand out of the bunch.

Not like a virgin singer, but the true Virgin Mary, or at least her portrait-The Black Madonna. This little statuette is kept protected at the Abbey of Montserrat, high off the ground in the mountain tops of Montserrat, in which it attracts visitors from all over the world. However, it is not only the religious that come, as the “jagged peak” is stunning to experience, and is, in reality, the most famous day trip destination in Barcelona. You can get there by public transit, or you can hire tour companies.

11.You can visit an escape room to challenge yourself.

If you imagine yourself as a little Sherlock Holmes, or perhaps even Indiana Jones, then test your wit against the puzzles and obstacles of one of the great escape rooms in Barcelona. Many companies are running in the city, and each one has one or more immersive games where you’ll have to search desperately for keys, break codes and crack conundrums to advance and finally escape the room! Any of the plots are a great experience, and if you’re searching for something else to do with a small circle of friends, this could just be right for you.

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