Why Madrid Is One Of The Best Places To Visit In Europe?

Madrid offers its travelers a unique experience filled with culture and art. Opt for Lamborghini hire Spain and experience the city at your own pace

For long, Europe has been drawing people from all walks of life to experience its myriad wonders and sights. Travelers came here to learn about its culture and traditions; businessmen travelled here to trade oriental silk for modern comforts. Artists came in search of inspiration while invaders clashed in battles to make this wonder their own.
Even today, people from the entire world are eager to experience Europe. In fact, it is popularly said that one trip to Europe can completely change your perspective on life and art. While there are many historic cities and popular destinations spread across this continent, Madrid shines as a jewel on its crown. You can explore the wonders of Madrid in supreme comfort and style with Lamborghini hire Spain.

The Best of Madrid

Spain’s cultural, economic, and political capital, Madrid, is often forgotten by tourists amidst the crowd of other European cities. You may hear of people travelling to London or Paris, but how many include Madrid in their itinerary? In most travel packages, Madrid figures only in dedicated Spain tours.
However, if you choose to explore more than just these overrated cities, Madrid is going to reward you abundantly. Given that the city has such well-marked routes, you can explore it with luxury car hire Spain at your own pace.

Still split in two minds about the place? Go through some of the top reasons curated both by travellers and city dwellers that make Madrid your itinerary worthy pick:

Best Weather for Travel

A rainy day with gloomy skies may be great to sip coffee at home, but it’s definitely not ideal for travel. In that regard, Madrid is perhaps the most tourist-friendly city that you will come across in Europe. With predominantly bright weather, Madrid is full of sunshine almost all through the year. Many Europeans from other places escape to Madrid in the hope of enjoying its warmth.
In fact, Madrid is counted among those few places in Europe that experiences an actual summer. The dry and fresh weather gives you the best setting for travel. Though the temperature may rise up during summer, it is tolerable with a pleasant breeze towards evenings.

Perfect Pick for Art Enthusiasts

As mentioned earlier, many people come to Europe seeking inspiration and understanding from its arts. If you are an artsy soul, too, then Madrid is going to be no less than a paradise for you. There are uncountable monuments and art pieces- both modern and classic littered through the city. With your luxury car hire Spain, you can explore these monuments following your own chosen route and stops.

The stars of the show, however, are Museo del Prado and Thyssen Bornemisza. Here you can admire artwork from Goya to Picasso and Miro. These galleries boast of an enormous wealth of art pieces. So you better have plenty of time with you to explore each of them properly. For a taste of its modern pieces, admiring the street art themselves is enough.

Mouth-Watering Delicacies

Spain has carved a unique niche for itself with its culinary delights. This love for food is amply seen in both the restaurants and street-side stalls of Madrid. You may be surprised to know that the oldest restaurant as per the Guinness Book of World Records is also present in Madrid. So while you are here, drive in with your Lamborghini rental Spain to the Botin restaurant.

Also, add to your list the unforgettable churros and hot chocolate from the Chockleteria San Gines. If you are a lover of spirits, you must definitely check out the various Spanish bar scenes too. These are among the liveliest that you will come across in entire Europe.

The Football Spirit

A Spanish city can never be complete with its crazy football mania. If the city in question is Madrid, this madness becomes several folds. In fact, two very famous clubs, including Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid, both took birth in this city. You really do not need to coordinate your trip with match season here. The football madness is here for you almost through the entire year.
Of course, if you are willing to catch up with some special leagues, you may need to do some planning. Otherwise, you can at least catch the home teams in action in the different stadiums across the city. For the Real Madrid fans, there is an extra treat waiting, of course. Opt for Lamborghini hire Spain and take a trip to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, the home of Real Madrid.

Pocket-Friendly Shopping

It is not just enough to experience Madrid. You will definitely want to bring back souvenirs from the city. People who visit Madrid also get awed by the fashion of the city and want to add some of it to their collection. For all these needs, the Chino shops are just the perfect stop for you.
These goods may not be very high in terms of quality, but they are superb in terms of look and style. Pick out as many items as you want, and you will be surprised to see just how low your bill comes to. Many reputed European brands have their homes in Madrid too.

Safest Place

Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, safety is an important consideration during your tours. Madrid is one of the safest cities for travelers and the localities alike. Even if it is midnight, you can walk alone without having to fear of any kind of incidences. The city is also popular for its open culture and broader mindset. Drive your Lamborghini rental Spain in any direction you want and feel the warmth and love of the locals everywhere

Summing Up

Apart from the reasons listed above, Madrid also offers the best nightlife. With many other cities in the vicinity, you can make Madrid your centre. You can then drive your Lamborghini hire Spain to explore these places too during your trip. So why wait? Pack your bags, book your favorite luxury car, and set out for an unforgettable tour!

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