The Best Spots in Switzerland to Sightseeing with Your Family

Having your children or grandparents together can be challenging everywhere. Even so, with careful management and a BMW rental Zurich, Switzerland can be an easy, enjoyable and certainly unforgettable destination for the entire family.

Switzerland is the perfect destination for any traveller, and it is no news that it is among the priciest travel destinations. If you’re a lone traveller, it’s easy to ignore your journey, whether staying in the hostels or walking as far as you can. But if you have the entire family with you, the story is a bit different.

Having your children or grandparents together can be challenging everywhere. Even so, with careful management and a BMW rental Zurich, Switzerland can be an easy, enjoyable and certainly unforgettable destination for the entire family.

Switzerland has an infinite range of sights and events to sell. You will admire the beautiful landscape everywhere you go. Every city and town has its special spin on architecture, music and outdoor adventure. Although if you’ve got little ones in attendance, several cities are much more family-friendly than the others where you can travel in your BMW rental Zurich at your comfort and affordability.

The following information will provide you with the best locations to visit to have some quality family time on your Switzerland tour:

1. Geneva

When it comes to Switzerland’s major places, there’s still a bit of controversy about which one to visit: Zurich or Geneva? Although Zurich is fun and fantastic shopping, Geneva seems to be a little quieter, somewhat more mellow and easier to handle when you’re travelling with the entire family.

If you’re coming from some other continent, Geneva would be an incredibly convenient first destination, as this is very possibly where you’re going to land in the region. After long hours of travelling, the entire family needs to take a break.

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Taking everybody down to Lake Geneva and have a picnic. You should dive into crystal-clear blue water during the summer season. There are several parks and gardens across the lake to visit on foot or by renting a bike if anyone knows how. And behind the lake, there are many sights of the Alps, and there’s nothing better which can attract you to Switzerland.

There are several attractions across the area, but a visit to CERN will certainly make the imagination of your children run wild. There are several displays and tours at CERN that highlight the abundance of expertise that the centre has accumulated over the years. Many of the displays are immersive and will certainly keep the kids entertained all day.

2. Lucerne

Lucerne is a perfect destination to get a nice mix of the region, the Old Town and the Alps. Historical landmarks such as the Chapel Bridge and Museggmauer are exceptionally well maintained, and wandering through the Old Town is easy to explore even with excited children.

As fate will have it, Lucerne still has a lake of its own, Lake Lucerne. This brings a whole lot of things both on and off the water. Much as in Geneva, you’ll find a lot of opportunities to sit back and relax on the side of the lake. A rather famous activity here is a tour of Paddle Steamer to the other side of the lake and return. You can get off at Brunnen for a short tour before you head back to the hotel, or just admire the scenery and experience.

Another nice thing about considering Lucerne, your main base, is how convenient it is to explore other locations from there. There are many day trips you can undertake from here to get the best out of its great spot. There are many mountains to tour, and many of them have simple, family-friendly walking trails.

The greatest day trip that you can consider taking is to Jungfraujoch. As the highest train station in the whole of Europe, a tour to Jungfraujoch helps bring you to the heart of the Bernese Alps with the most stunning views you can assume. At the height of the galleries, restaurants, shows, and stores, being so high and nearly eye-level with the Alpine peaks is an opportunity worth getting.

3. Zermatt

If there’s one mountain you would want to see in Switzerland, it’s the Matterhorn – the most famous Alpine mountain in the world. If your family is the kind that wants to be on the go all the time, Zermatt is the perfect venue, since there are so many activities to do.

If your children are still young, Sunnegga would be the perfect place to hang out. The funicular journey takes just under five minutes from Zermatt and carries you to a bright platform with a great view of the Matterhorn. Play areas and barbecue areas are right on-site, and you can also take a quick and simple walk to Leisure Lake. Also, there is a marmot-watching station for children to see wild marmots wandering around the field.

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If you do have older and more adventurous ones, you may have a little more fun at Zermatt. There are numerous trails that you can follow for a day of hiking across the mountains or into the lakes. Skiing is also common here in the wintertime, and there are several slopes to check out for any level of skill.

4. Interlaken

Interlaken is at the centre of all outdoor sports in Switzerland. That’s where adrenaline junkies leap down paragliding rocks, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, skydiving, and the list goes on. Although you might not have the same aspirations for your future, Interlaken is a stunning city surrounded by beautiful mountains. It’s also a pretty small location, so it’s going to be easier to discover.

Interlaken’s greatest attraction is all the outdoor events you will appreciate. The Interlaken-Harder Alpine Game Park is a perfect spot to take kids to see a few Ibex and Marmots. Just next door is the Harder-Kulm Cableway in which you can rest and chill while experiencing the views of the Brienz and Thun lakes and also the Jungfrau and Eiger peaks.

 But if you wouldn’t want to get all wild about your travels, the city does indeed have a lot more to offer. Take a stroll along the Hohenweg Promenade to see the stores and try various restaurants. You will still wonder at the buildings of the 13th century in the Old Town or visit many museums for a far more informative outing.

How Can You Eat Affordable Food in Switzerland?

Food is always of excellent quality in Switzerland. The recipes are as diversified as the regions. The country does have some of the best restaurants, too, and you wouldn’t want to miss it. It’s very costly, sadly, particularly when you’re travelling as a family. A fast-food restaurant meal will charge you around 10 euros, and double or even more if you’re out to the good restaurant.

The easiest way to make meals affordable and still pleasurable is to go directly to the grocery stores. It doesn’t mean you’re going to have to cook up your dishes. Most supermarkets now have a takeaway segment in which you can take home-prepared dishes. They’re all across Switzerland and will give you numerous choices no matter how choosy your kids might just get.

With everything just as per your preferences, do not wait to book your BMW rental Zurich right now!

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