Best Places to Visit Spain with a Luxury Audi Car

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With an Audi rental Spain from a reputed car rental agency, you could explore various locations in Spain in the best way.

Spain is one of those countries that are marvellous to explore on a road trip. That’s not just because there’s a bunch of beautiful beaches, incredible cities, and old towns, but because it’s so significantly different depending on the region you are in. Furthermore, by exploring several locations with Audi rental Spain, you’re going to see this diversity up close.

For example, when you’re up in the Basque Country, it’s nice and green and has a shoreline and alpine vibe. That’s a far cry from the hottest and drier places in the south, such as Seville, Valencia, or Ronda.

Not just that, however, there is a variation in languages, such as Catalan and Basque, which are quite different from Spanish. And that’s before we got to acknowledge the food differences. The list goes on and on.

After exploring more and more of the country, the following information will help you discover many of the best spots to visit in Spain that you really should involve during your next trip. They’re so wonderful to see and so easy to visit if you have an Audi rental Spain.

1. Almeria

Situated in Andalusia, Almeria is the place to head if you adore pristine and deserted beaches. Furthermore, there are hundreds of years of tradition with areas like the Almeria Cathedral and the ancient Alcazaba, which once safeguarded the city. Add to that, it was also one of the sunniest locations in all mainland Spain and the best location to spend a few days exploring the beaches and shorelines.

2. The Sierra Nevada

This beautiful mountain range includes the tallest point in Spain, the Mulhacen, which is one of the best sights to visit in Spain if you enjoy the great outdoors.

This is also one of the top locations to see in Spain that is fairly easy to get to from larger cities, too. For example, you can easily fly to Malaga and drive across the mountainous region.

If you appreciate the snow, you shouldn’t miss a journey to some of the ski slopes here. In reality, it’s the southernmost ski area in Europe. Just ensure you wrap yourself up warm; it’s a lot colder when you get up high!

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3. Santiago de Compostela

Now, the main attraction of Santiago de Compostela is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Old Town. It’s gorgeous and is one of the best spots to see in Spain when going to explore the north-west of the country.

The city is also popular for being an important pilgrimage site for Christians, and also for its toothy tapas that you will enjoy after a long day of exploration. The city is indeed a great base for exploring more of this rural and completely dramatic region of Spain, which is situated near the Atlantic coast.

4. The Costa Brava

The Costa Brava of Spain is presumably among the most famous travel destinations if you’d like some heat, sea, and sand. And also, it’s within proximity of cities like Barcelona and Girona.

Now, if you want to drive the coastal routes, then the Costa Brava is a good place to start, which has not only a combination of sandy beaches and natural parks but also has the gorgeous landscape of the Montseny Natural Park, that has some amazing hikes.

Also, for a few of the coastal trails, go to Cap de Creus and see the Salvador Dali House-Museum in Portlligat. Finally, if you do have time, you can see the castle of Sant Joan in Lloret De Mar, which is located on the coast.

5. Pamplona

Pamplona is the provincial capital of Navarre and is renowned for the more notorious Running of the Bulls Festival. This takes place in July and tends to cause some controversy, so make sure you check all the research before you participate.

With that said, Pamplona is among the nicest spots to see in Spain when planning to travel around the Basque regions. Once here, take a look at Castle Square, also see the outstanding cathedral, and stop at the Citadel of Pamplona, which is about 500 years old.

Finally, if you have time, take a small side trip to explore a few of the vineyards around Rioja or stop by the tiny city of Logrono.

6. Toledo

Recognised for its primary cathedral, another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Spain, Toledo has a wide variety of areas to see that are stunning.

Toledo is a far more liveable city than places like Barcelona. However, that doesn’t imply you should avoid it. You can conveniently spend several days wandering around the city and exploring the many Moorish, Jewish and Christian influences that have formed the city.

Just make sure you stop at the Alcazar of Toledo. It overlooks the entire city and is probably the best known of all the places in Toledo.

7. Granada

Upon exploring the Sierra Nevada Mountains, make sure you drive out towards Granada. This is one of the most excellent spots to see in Spain, and it’s gorgeous. The most incredible feature of this must be the Alhambra! The Alhambra is a wonderful display of the Moorish history of Spain, which is too beautiful to skip on a road trip across Spain.

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Now, the simplest way to put the Alhambra is to combine elegantly crafted Moorish architecture, stunning views, and interesting history. Not just that, but it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and right next to some other protected sites of Generalife and Albayzin.

8. Cordoba

Situated within Andalusia, Cordoba is one of the best spots to be seen in Spain with a lengthy Roman and Moorish history and culture to explore. After you get there, head to La Mezquita or the Great Mosque, which is still in town, then head over to Salinas for a few of their pork cheeks. It’s a completely relaxed and casual little area that provides a few of the tastiest tapas.

9. Seville

In Seville, there are many other fantastic things to do. This is the kind of city that’s great to visit for a couple of days, especially on foot. Situated on the Guadalquivir River, Seville is famous for the Torre del Oro, the Alcazar, and the stunning Plaza de Espana. Also, if it’s more modern architecture that catches your eye, walk down along the highest point of the Parasol Metropol Space. It has now become a completely legendary part of the city.

10. Avila

Recognised as the ‘town of stones and saints,’ Avila is a bit of an overlooked gem by some tourists to Spain. With that said, this is one place you shouldn’t miss while exploring the great spots to see in Spain. This is particularly true when you drive between Madrid and Salamanca. It’s a wonderful place to relax for a day or nightly visit, and it’s worth a little gander.

11. Cadiz

Around a 90-minute from the centre of Seville, Cadiz is a coastal town worth visiting when you move down to Gibraltar and return to Malaga. Less visited by tourists, Cadiz has an old-world charm and is among the coolest places to visit, away from the hustle.

With an Audi rental Spain from a reputed car rental agency, you could explore each of these locations in the best way.

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