The Hidden Gems To See In Switzerland

Explore the beautiful country with luxury car hire Switzerland and discover the many hidden gems this stunning destination has to offer.

The European country of Switzerland always finds its place in the top 20 most beautiful destinations in the world. It is hardly surprising as the country is home to some of the most beautiful lakes and mountainous landscapes. Switzerland is a country that is on every traveler’s bucket list. Whether one wants to visit the extravagant shopping centres and experience the bustling nightlife in Zurich or have a picnic by the lakeside in Vevey, Switzerland has everything.

There is no better way to explore the country than with a luxury car hire Switzerland. While approximately all travelers know about the popular Swiss destinations, such as Interlaken, Geneva, Zermatt and Lucerne, not many are aware of the country’s hidden gems. Rent a luxury car on your next trip and experience the everlasting beauty yourself.

Here are a few Swiss must-see hidden gems that many locals may not know of either.

Lake Gelmer

Just a few hours’ drive south of Bern, Gelmersee is located north of the Italian border. Gelmersee is one of Switzerland’s largest reservoirs that features a hydroelectric dam. But that’s not all. Drive your rented luxury car to the foot of the mountains and then either hike up or ride one of the steepest funiculars. Riding the funicular feels like you are on a rollercoaster as the carriages are open, providing you with scenic views of the mountains.

The lake on top of the mountain is so crystal clear that you can see your mirror-like reflection in the water. It is recommended that you should spend the entire morning and afternoon at the lake. You can also continue driving your luxury car hire towards Gilmer Pass for more breath-taking views.


As you drive east from Gelmersee, you will reach Cuamasee, one of the least tourist-populated places in Switzerland. The lake’s water is turquoise in colours and something not everyone has the privilege of seeing in their lifetime. It is ideal for picnics, swimming and relaxing. The lake is cloaked by tall trees and dense forests, offering you complete privacy.

The road you will take in your rented luxury car to reach Cuamasee offers gorgeous views of the mountains. In fact, Gelmersee to Cuamasee is the perfect road trip to undertake in a rented convertible.

Aare Gorge

Aare Gorge is one of Switzerland’s most gorgeous geological phenomena. Created 10,000 years ago, a deep fissure was carved into the limestone due to glacial run-off. The Aare Gorge is 200 meters deep and around 1.4 kilometre long. You can easily explore the Gorge after driving your luxury car hire Switzerland to the town of Meiringen. The interesting, curved rock formations and pristine blue water make the drive worth it.

Chateau de Tourbillon and Valere

You don’t have to be a history buff to appreciate the beauty and history that every castle in the world holds. While most tourists and locals visit the world-renowned Chateau Chillon in Montreux, not many know of the other two in Sion. Located right opposite each other, the castles overlook the historic town that was once the capital of Valais.

The Swiss government has preserved all the medieval structures in the quaint town, so make sure to drive on over in your rented luxury car and take in the sights. You will also find eager tour guides ready to boast about the castles’ history.

Trift Bridge

Do you like the rush of adrenaline you receive when you are in an adventurous and exhilarating situation? If yes, then you can’t miss out on the Trift Bridge. It is the longest pedestrian bridge nestled in the Swiss Alps. However, if you suffer from vertigo or are afraid of heights, think twice before crossing this bridge. Located approximately 100 metres above the ground, the bridge stretches for 170 metres and is not for the weak-hearted.

You can drive from Sion to the Trift Bridge and enjoy a scenic route along the way. Put your rented luxury car’s top-down and take in the fresh air.

Mt. Vanil Noir

If you enjoy long walks and admiring flora and fauna, make sure you visit the nature conservation area near Gruyeres. It is a paradise for nature lovers as it is home to approximately 500 plant species and over 100 types of amphibians, reptiles and butterflies.

You will also be able to view the snow-covered Alps as this area is located at the foothills. Open up your GPS in your luxury car rental and punch in the coordinates to take in the thrilling yet calming sounds of nature.


A short drive from Zurich, Juf is the highest village in all of Europe. Located 2126 metres above sea level, it is a small village with friendly locals who welcome visitors with open arms and a warm cup of hot chocolate. In addition to the herds of sheep, cows and goats that you can meet and pet, you can also buy fresh dairy products from the farmers themselves.

Nessleren and Saxeten

If you’re visiting Switzerland in the winter, you should ensure that you go sledding at the Nessleren-Saxeten trail. When you visit, you will notice locals pulling their sleds to the top of the hill to have some coffee and then take off. It is a four kilometre long stretch that locals and tourists alike enjoy every winter. Take your luxury car rental for a drive as you make your way from Interlaken.

Only locals or avid visitors are aware of the aforementioned hidden gems. Even then, many do not know of their existence. You could be part of an exclusive club by visiting these spots. Make your vacation extra special by visiting places your friends may not have even heard of.

These hidden gems are picturesque, so make sure your camera and mobile batteries are charged! Visit Switzerland for the loving hospitality, tall and gorgeous mountains, and roads that will have you craving for a luxury car hire Switzerland. Switzerland should be an unmissable country on your European trip!




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