Discover The New Trend of More Women Renting Sports Cars


The top luxury car rental in Europe has been increasingly getting demands for sports cars among their women subscribers. Find out the cause behind the rise in this demand and the top luxury cars preferred by women today.

If you thought that the need for speed is only the men’s arena, it is time that you revise your thoughts. An independent survey of the automobile market reveals that women consume nearly half of the cars launched in the market. And it is not just the sedans or the hatchbacks alone that they prefer.

Luxury car rental data shows s sharp increase in the demand for sports cars among women. Indeed, the fun and exhilaration of getting behind the wheels of these alluring sports cars cannot be limited to men alone. Typically, the automobile industry has always tried to project a masculine, men-dominated image. But market strategists are of the opinion that this image can actually do them more harm than good in the present times.

Since women form a massive segment of the consumers, the leading car companies are now revising their whole outlook. Many of the car models that have been rolled out in the recent past have tried to accommodate the needs and preferences of women. This applies to sports cars as well.

Looking Back

If you wonder when exactly this love affair between sports cars and women began, you will have to turn several pages in history. This is because women’s fascinations and participation in motorsports events is not something new.

Even in the era when motorised tricycles were used in the racing circuit, women were very much a part of it and setting the path for modern women drivers. In a sense, those tricycles may be considered as a predecessor of our modern-day sports car. Post the world wars, the opportunities for women to take part in motor racing increased dramatically. Since then, there has been no turning back as women became an integral part of the racing industry.

Sports Car Rentals

But if you look at the present trend today, it is not just the racing events to which this love for speed is limited. Sports cars are now much more accessible to people than they were in the past. Now you do not need to own a car to drive it. You can as well rent it at very affordable rates.

With summer around the corner and sports car rental demand on the rise, it is now possible to ride your favorite sports car whenever you like it. Book a car for your special event such as birthdays or anniversaries or enjoy the speed and the thrill of your next girls’ trip together. What is more, as luxury car rental offers various models available with the latest features on their fleet, you do not have to restrict yourself to any particular model.

You can try out various sports cars and enjoy the best features from each of them. Read on to find out about some of the features that we have found women enjoy best in sports cars.

Irresistible Sports Car Features

While it is impossible to list all the features that give sports cars their unique edge, here are some of the latest that women swear they love best:

Superior Safety Features

One of the primary concerns that are often raised in relation to sports cars is in terms of their safety. But the best sports car rental has confirmed that the latest models go out of their way to assail these fears. So, even as you enjoy the top speed on the road, there are several in-built features of these cars that take care of your safety. Latest among these is, of course, the automatic brakes built for emergency situations.

Apart from that, rear-view cameras and airbags have become a standard offering in almost all the top cars.

Dependable Engineering Work

The engineering works of sports cars today are also much more dependable than they were in the past. With automotive engineering reaching its best, you now have to get more powerful vehicles with balanced weight, smoother speed transitions, and far more intelligent designs.

Before any new model hits the market, they also go through several rounds of checks by the industry experts. After all these checks and balances, it is no surprise that customers do not face any kind of problems later.

Fuel Economy

If you think that a sports car cannot be your partner for long-distance drives, it is time to think again. The majority of the sports cars today are not solely made for the track. So the needs and the demands of the average consumers are also taken into account as these cars are built.

Sports cars today offer you as good fuel economy as any of the other cars that you find on the list. Moreover, since these cars are marked for their speed, they are the ideal partners for you on highways. So without having to worry about fuel consumption, you can choose them even for your long-distance rides.

Envy-Worthy Looks

If you check out the latest sports car rental collections, you are sure to be taken aback by the stunning looks of these cars. When you are behind the wheels of such a car, you will have to brace yourself for all the envious looks from the onlookers. There are several colour variants available too for these cars from luxury car rental companies. So you can pick out any that appeal to your tastes and requirements.

Apart from these, the top sports cars also feature some of the most luxurious features in terms of entertainment and the overall feel of the vehicle. No wonder women, as much as men, are all eager to rent them and go for a spin in their favorite sports cars.

Are you wondering which sports car you should pick for your next trip? Choosing between the wide ranges of luxury sports cars may be quite confusing. Here are some of the models that have been found to be popular with women – BMW M3, Porsche 718 Boxster, and BMW M4 Coupe’. Choose your favorite today and go zooming.

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